You Tiao man

a rich heritage

With years of experience in the business , we stay true to our heritage and high standards of quality 

progression through time

We started out as a humble hawker in the 1940s, gradually progressing to food manufacturing in the recent years.  

By challenging ourselves, improving our recipes and looking into technological innovations to enhance efficiency, we pride ourselves on our drive to constantly reinvent ourselves, and our tenacity to help our clients grow their businesses.

Through field research and talking to our customers over the generations, we understand the requirements of the different customer segments.

brand identity

Scroll over our logo to discover more about our company and what defines us 

AN innovative company

We believe that innovation is an important role in the changing business landscape 

When good can be better

You Tiao Man is the first company to introduce the Charcoal You Tiao in Singapore in 2018. It has proved to be a great success with F&B establishments in Singapore.

Our Wholegrain You Tiao is the first in the world and is proudly developed here in Singapore by You Tiao Man. In collaboration with Health Promotion Board , we developed a You Tiao that contains 50% less calories and is proud to be awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol.

Most of our products are also proudly Halal certified.

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