cream prawn you tiao salad

For the seafood lovers out there, this dish will delight and amaze you ! 


  1. 80 grams of finely cut cantaloupe

  2. 80 grams of pineapple

  3. 150 grams of prawns

  4. 2 tablespoons of salad dressing

  5. Black sesame

  6. 2 pieces of You Tiao


  1. Cut pineapples and cantaloupes into smaller sizes.

  2. Prepare and cook shrimp in boiling water

  3. Peel shrimp

  4. Cut You Tiao into bite sized portions to serve with the dish.

  5. Put all ingredients into a large bowl and add salad dressing.

  6. Mix contents well before adding black sesame to the top.

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