Savour the delectable all-time Singapore favourite: Fried Golden Fish Roll. Goes well with noodles, vegetables or simply eat it just some chili sauce.


Just make sure there's enough to go around the table.


Enjoy the best of Singapore's favourites, in the convenience of your home! 


10 pieces per packet 

Fried Golden Fish Roll

  • Halal certified 
    No preservatives added

    Storage : Keep frozen at -18 deg or below, once thawed do not refreeze 

    Ingredients : fish meat, vegetables (potato, onion, turnip, carrot, celery, garlic), starch (corn, tapioca), palm oil, beancurd skin, soy protein isolate, msg, sugar, sesame oil, salt, five spice powder, white pepper, disodium 5'ribonucleotides

    Allergen advice : Contains soy, sesame, fish, egg and celery 

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